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Last updated March 2020

ad_summarysummarize the adaptive module actions
create_ssl_certcreate a self-signed SSL certificate
credmgrmanipulate credentials used with the securecreds module
ec_adtooladjust adaptive parameters in a cluster configuration
ec_consoleconnect to Momentum to perform introspection and administration
ec_ctlstart, stop, or restart the Momentum Application Server
ec_dkim_ctlmanipulate the DK/DKIM database
ec_dump_configoutput the ecelerity.conf file as XML
ec_licfetch a new license file from Message Systems
ec_log_traceparse Momentum log files
ec_md5passwdchanges the password for a system user's password
ec_rotaterotate Momentum logfiles
ec_sendmaila sendmail compatibility interface
ec_showshow spool or message information
eccfgSubversion repository management
eccmgrMomentum Cluster Manager
eccmgr_ctlstart, stop, or restart the Momentum Cluster Manager
ecconfigdMomentum Configuration Server
ecconfigd_ctlstart, stop or restart the Momentum Configuration Server
ecelerityMomentum Application Server
jlog_change_endianchange the endianness of a jlog
jlog_sanity_checkvalidate that a jlog is free of errors
jlogctlanalyze and maintain jlogs
lu_pullupdate the Live Updates database
validate_configcheck the validity of the configuration files

This chapter provides the definitions of the executable commands that are referenced in this document.

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