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jlog_change_endian — change the endianness of a jlog


/opt/msys/jlog/bin/jlog_change_endian source { tole | tobe } destination


This command creates an exact copy of a jlog with the opposite endianness of the original. If it detects a problem in the source jlog, it will print an error message and not create the copy. For this reason, you should run jlog_sanity_check on the source jlog first, to make sure it is error-free. This command should be run as ecuser.

The first argument is the path to the jlog you want to convert.

The second argument indicates the endianness of the destination jlog (and implicitly of the source jlog). tole will convert a big-endian jlog to little-endian (e.g. sparc to i386), while tobe will convert a little-endian jlog to big-endian (e.g. i386 to sparc).

The third argument is the path where you want the converted jlog to be written; it must not exist, but its parent directory must exist before you run

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