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ec_sendmail — a sendmail compatibility interface


/opt/msys/ecelerity/bin/ec_sendmail [ -F full_name ] [ -f email_address ] [ -h ] [ -i ] [ -t ]


ec_sendmail is a command line utility for Unix systems that requires a local binary to perform submission to the local MTA.

It has the following options:

-F *`full_name`*

Set sender's full name. This will be displayed in the From: header.

-f *`email_address`*

Specify the MAIL FROM: part on the envelope. This address is also displayed in the From: header. If -f is used to specify a different address other than the actual username@hostname by a user who is not root or whose geteuid() doesn't return 0, a X-Authentication-Warning header will be added in the email.


Show a help message.


Ignore lines containing only a single dot. It is recommended to set this if data is read from a file.


Scanning the message for recipient(s). Lines starting with To:, Cc: or Bcc: will be used to extract recipient address(es).

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