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eccmgr — Momentum Cluster Manager


/opt/msys/ecelerity/sbin/eccmgr [ -c configfile ] [ -g group ] [ -n ] [ -v ] [ -e ] [ -d ] [ -V ]


eccmgr is the Momentum Cluster Manager. On start up, the script /etc/init.d/eccmgr start runs eccmgr as a service on the node designated as cluster manager.

Use eccmgr_ctl to start, stop, or restart this process.

The behavior of the Momentum Cluster Manager is configured in eccluster.conf.

The following options are available:

-c configfile

Use an alternate config file.

-g *`group`*

Specify the cluster group.


Skip locking (flock) files (NOT RECOMMENDED ).


Verbose mode. This option can be used up to four times for increasing levels of verbosity.


Set alternate extensions directory.


Run in the foreground, leave stdout, stderr open.


Show version information.

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