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ecconfigd_ctl — start, stop or restart the Momentum Configuration Server


/opt/msys/ecelerity/bin/ecconfigd_ctl [ start | stop | restart ]


ecconfigd_ctl is a shell script that you can use to start, stop, or restart the Momentum configuration server ecconfigd.

The TRY environment variable is one of the variables that may be set in the environment file. This variable controls the number of times to loop waiting for ecconfigd to start up. In some configurations, it can take a long time for ecconfigd to start and, if the default TRY value is too small, the ecconfigd_ctl script may decide that startup has failed. The default value for this variable is 10. Increasing TRY to a higher value will increase the amount of time that ecconfigd_ctl will wait for ecconfigd to start before deciding that it is broken. With TRY set to a default value of ‘10’, the amount of time that ecconfigd_ctl waits is 55 seconds (10+9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1).

If the EXTRA_ARGS environment variable is set, its contents will be passed as additional arguments to ecconfigd.

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