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Console Commands Summary

Last updated March 2020

This table lists all console commands alphabetically giving a brief description. Click the command name to see detailed information. A module name appears in the Module column for commands that are module-specific. For module-specific commands to work, you must have the module loaded.

\pager – Page output of long console commands in the console4.0 misc
active – Show domains with active queue size bigger than threshold4.0 queue size
adaptive list – Display the value of shaping parameters4.0adaptivemodule
adaptive override – Override a suspension4.0adaptivemodule
adaptive reset – Clear the values of the shaping parameters4.0adaptivemodule
adaptive rules – Display the adaptive rules that are in effect for the specified domain/binding pair4.0adaptivemodule
adaptive suspensions – Summarize the suspensions that are currently in effect4.0adaptivemodule
adaptive warmup – Display the age of bindings from the perspective of the IP Warmup component4.0adaptivemodule
authz id – Display the id of the current user4.0 misc
authz roles list – Display the currently defined roles4.0 misc
beik reload – Reload the beik module4.0beikmodule
binding active – Show domains with active queue size bigger than threshold on a specified binding4.0 queue size
binding delayed – Show domains with delayed queue size bigger than threshold on a specified binding4.0 queue size
binding fail domain quiet – Fail messages for a domain on a binding without generating bounces4.0 queue admin
binding fail domain – Fail messages for a domain on a binding with a bounce message4.0 queue admin
binding flush domain – Perform delivery attempt on delayed queue of a domain on a binding4.0 queue admin
binding summary – Show binding statistics4.0 stats
bounce_classifier_override reload – Reload the bounce classification overrides4.0bounce_classifier_overridemodule
bounce_classifier_override test – Test the classification of an SMTP reply4.0bounce_classifier_overridemodule
bounce_logger:instance_name reopen logs – Reopen the log files4.0bounce_loggermodule
cache list – List all caches along with their associated attributes4.0 stats
cache stat – Show detailed cache statistics for the specified cache4.0 stats
cache stats – Show cache statistics4.0 stats
cidrdb list – List configured CIDR databases4.0cidrdbmodule
cidrdb reload – Reload a cidrdb list4.0cidrdbmodule
cloudmark version – Output the Cloudmark version4.0cloudmarkmodule
cluster abort – Abort the specified job4.0clustermodule
cluster arp show – Resolve the MAC addresses of the cluster4.0clustermodule
cluster duravip announce view – Announce a view update using the current local view4.0clustermodule
cluster duravip debug – Turn DuraVIP™ debugging on or off4.0clustermodule
cluster duravip move – Move a binding from one node to another4.0clustermodule
cluster duravip show – Show the current state of DuraVIP™ bindings4.0clustermodule
cluster duravip show tables – Display the DuraVIP™ state tables in XML format4.0clustermodule
cluster help – Display the cluster console commands4.0clustermodule
cluster info – Display the current operating status and parameters4.0clustermodule
cluster membership – Display the current cluster nodes4.0clustermodule
cluster nodeaddr – Show the cluster protocol service address4.0clustermodule
cluster nodename – Show the name of the local node4.0clustermodule
cluster reset – Reset the node cluster membership4.0clustermodule
cluster shared list – This command displays the currently managed objects4.0clustermodule
cluster shared show – Display shared objects4.0clustermodule
cluster show logs – Show the size, name and location of the cluster logs4.0clustermodule
commtouch_ctasd:instance_name pending – Output the number of pending jobs4.0commtouch_ctasdmodule
config begin from scratch – Begin a transaction from scratch4.0 config
config begin – Begin a transaction4.0 config
config commit – Commit a transaction4.0 config
config eval – Determine configuration value4.0 config
config get – Get configuration setting4.0 config
config locate – Locate a specific scope4.0 config
config reload – Reload configuration options from file4.0 config
config replay – Show changes in a transaction4.0 config
config rollback – Rollback a transaction4.0 config
config set – Set configuration option4.0 config
config show – Show a specific scope4.0 config
config showrecurse – Show a specific scope and its child scopes4.0 config
config unset – Unset configuration option4.0 config
config writeback – Write configuration changes to ecelerity.conf4.0 config
count – Count open connections4.0 connections
counter add – Add the specified amount to a counter4.0 policy
counter help – Display help for the counter command4.0 policy
counter increment – Increment a counter4.0 policy
counter list – List all counters counter4.0 policy
counter reset – Reset a counter to zero4.0 policy
counter unlink – Unlink a counter4.0 policy
delay_dsn:instance_name show pending events – List all pending events4.0delay_dsnmodule
delayed – Show domains with delayed queue size bigger than threshold4.0 queue admin
dig – Submit a domain for dns MX query4.0 dns
dk_sign:instance_name flush keycache – Flush all entries from the keycache4.0domainkeysmodule
dk_sign:instance_name stats – Display statistics relating to domain key signing4.0domainkeysmodule
dns_cache lookup – Look up a query in the DNS cache4.0 dns
dns_cache refcnts – Show the references in the DNS cache4.0 dns
dns_cache stats – Show summary stats for the DNS cache4.0 dns
dns_cache submit – Submit a DNS query4.0 dns
dnsbuf interval – Change how often setsockopt() operations are performed4.2dnsbufmodule
dnsbuf rcvbuf_size – Change the rcvbuf_size value on the fly4.2dnsbufmodule
dnsbuf sndbuf_size – Change the sndbuf_size value on the fly4.2dnsbufmodule
dnsbuf verify – Query active sockets for current buffer sizes and report the results4.2dnsbufmodule
domain all – Show statistics for all domains4.0 stats
domain – Show domain statistics4.0 stats
ds_core flush cache_name – Flush a specific cache4.0ds_coremodule
ds_core stats – Print stats for each cache4.0ds_coremodule
ds_ldap flush connection cache – Remove all entries from the connection cache4.0ds_ldapmodule
ds_ldap show connection cache stats – Output statistics relating to the connection cache4.0ds_ldapmodule
ec_logger:instance_name help – Display the available commands4.0ec_loggermodule
ec_logger:instance_name reopen logs – Close and reopen the logs4.0ec_loggermodule
fail domain quiet – Fail messages for a domain without generating bounces4.0 misc
fail domain – Fail messages for a domain with a bounce message4.0 misc
fingerprint cache summary – Display the current cache size4.0fingerprintpolicy
fingerprint rejection summary – Display details related to the current inbound connection4.0fingerprintpolicy
flush domain – Perform delivery attempt on delayed queue of a domain4.0 queue admin
help – Show help information for console commands4.0 misc
inbound_audit add – Add a value to a CIDR in a named series4.0inbound_auditmodule
inbound_audit count_cidr – Count a CIDR in a named series4.0inbound_auditmodule
inbound_audit delete_ip – Delete an IP from a defined named series4.0inbound_auditmodule
inbound_audit help – Display the available commands4.0inbound_auditmodule
inbound_audit load – Load a series from a file4.0inbound_auditmodule
inbound_audit show all – Display verbose statistics for all domains as a CSV list4.0inbound_auditmodule
inbound_audit show ip --> – Dump all collected time-series data for the specified IP/netblock4.0inbound_auditmodule
inbound_audit subtract – Subtract a value from a CIDR in a named series4.0inbound_auditmodule
mailq – Show the status of the mail queues4.0 stats
memory – Report detailed memory usage4.0 stats
message details – Show detailed message information4.0 message
message fail quiet – Fail a message and do not create a non-delivery receipt (NDR)4.0 message
message fail – Fail a message4.0 message
message retry – Perform an immediate delivery attempt on a message4.0 message
module hooks – Manage loaded module hooks4.0 module
module list – Show loaded modules4.0 module
outbound_audit:instance_name clear all – Zero-out all statistics4.0outbound_auditmodule
outbound_audit:instance_name clear domain – Zero-out a domain's statistics4.0outbound_auditmodule
outbound_audit:instance_name domain_list – Runtime addition/deletion of a domain in the monitoring list4.0outbound_auditmodule
outbound_audit:instance_name show all – Dump all collected time-series data for all collected domains4.0outbound_auditmodule
outbound_audit:instance_name show domain – Dump all collected time-series data for the specified domain4.0outbound_auditmodule
outbound_audit:instance_name show domains – List the names of all domains which have collected data4.0outbound_auditmodule
outbound_audit:instance_name show global – Show the global (aggregated) time-series data4.0outbound_auditmodule
paniclog – Show last several entries written to paniclog4.0 logs
pid – Show process id of Momentum4.0 misc
rebind – Rebind the messages in a binding or domain4.0 queue admin
refresh domain – Refresh the DNS information for a domain4.0 dns
reopen logs – Close and open log files4.0 logs
reroute queue – Move messages from queues of one domain to queues of the other4.0 queue admin
sched at – Create a recurrent command that repeats at the specified interval4.0schedmodule
sched delete – Delete a scheduled job4.0schedmodule
sched every – Create a recurrent command that repeats at the specified interval4.0schedmodule
sched in – Run a command at the specified number of seconds from the current time4.0schedmodule
sched list – List any scheduled tasks4.0schedmodule
show inbound – Show all inbound connections4.0 connections
show outbound – Show all outbound connections4.0 connections
showqueue – Show queue information4.0 queue admin
shutdown – Shutdown Momentum4.0 misc
signing_stats reset – Reset signing stats4.0domainkeys or opendkimstats
signing_stats – Show DK/DKIM signing stats4.0domainkeys or opendkimstats
sp_async – Access the asynchronous I/O subsystem4.0 misc
spool import_poll – Check the status of a spool that is being imported4.0 misc
spool import – Import an alternative spool4.0 resource
spool_in – Read a message from the spool to the mail queue4.0 message
summary reset – Reset summary statistics4.0 stats
summary – Show global metrics4.0 stats
sysinfo – Show system information4.0 misc
threads cpu queue – Display summary statistics for the CPU thread pools4.0 stats
threads io queue – Display summary statistics for the IO thread pools4.0 stats
threads stats – Display summary statistics for thread pools4.0 stats
tls flush cache – Flush the TLS cache4.0 tls
tls rekey – Remove the temporary RSA key4.0 tls
tls show cache – Show the TLS cache4.0 tls
trace smtp add – Add an SMTP trace4.0 misc
trace smtp list – List smtp traces4.0 misc
trace smtp remove – Remove an SMTP trace4.0 misc
unlink stats – Show statistics of removing messages from the disk4.0 stats
version – Show version information of Momentum4.0 misc
write config – Display current running configuration4.0 config
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