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delayed — show domains with delayed queue size bigger than threshold


delayed { threshold }


The delayed command presents information concerning the domains with a large number of delayed messages in queue. The command takes a single positive integer as an argument which specifies the threshold of interest. The output will include all domains whose delayed queues exceed the integer specified.

10:47:35 /tmp/2025> delayed 1000
Domain:           C:  0  A:      9  D:  1169  S: 16838
Domain:           C:  0  A:    575  D:  1180  S:  7735
Domain:               C:  3  A:      1  D:  1232  S:  1069
                                Total:  C: 532  A:  22692  D: 34915  S:1953716

current number of connections


current size of the active queue


current size of the delayed queue


total messages sent during the life of the domain record

The row detailing the totals represents the totals across all domains, not just those listed.

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