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module — manage loaded modules online


module hooks

module list


The module list command displays a full list of all loaded modules, as illustrated below:

16:48:23 /tmp/2025> module list
Module: ec_logger:ec_logger
  Scope_Name: ec_logger
  Instance_Name: ec_logger
  Enabled: enabled
  API: Logger
  Name: ec_logger.c
  Description: Momentum minimalistic logging module
Module: bounce_logger:bounce_logger
  Scope_Name: bounce_logger
  Instance_Name: bounce_logger
  Enabled: enabled
  API: Logger
  Name: $RCSfile: bounce_logger.c,v $
  Description: Eclerity minimalistic logging module $Revision: 1.51 $
Module: ds_core
  Scope_Name: ds_core
  Enabled: enabled
  API: Singleton
  Name: ds_core.c
  Description: generic datasource module

In addition to supplying information about your configuration, the scope name and the instance name shown by the module list command are required when issuing module-specific commands. For more information, see “Using Module-Specific Console Commands”.

The module hooks command displays all the dynamic hooks in the system, along with each hook's prototype. The output should be similar to the following:

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