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show outbound — show all outbound connections


show outbound


This command shows all outbound connections. The number at the beginning of each line in the output is the file descriptor of that event.

17:34:28 ecelerity(/tmp/2025)> show outbound
36: [outbound/connection_handleconnect] IPv4
58: [outbound/connection_handleconnect] IPv4
61: [outbound/connection_handleconnect] IPv4
70: [outbound/connection_handleconnect] IPv4
71: [outbound/connection_handleconnect] IPv4
72: [outbound/connection_handleconnect] IPv4
73: [outbound/connection_handleconnect] IPv4
74: [outbound/connection_handleconnect] IPv4
75: [outbound/connection_handleconnect] IPv4
76: [outbound/connection_handleconnect] IPv4
77: [outbound/connection_handleconnect] IPv4

HTTP Clients

This command will also display Google Push notification connections as "http_handleconnect" connections. All modules that use the generic HTTP client will have their connections show up under this generic category.

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