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binding flush domain — perform delivery attempt on delayed queue of a domain on a binding


binding flush domain { binding_name } { domain_name }


The binding flush domain command takes a domain name and a binding name as arguments and immediately performs a delivery attempt for each message in the delayed queue for that domain/binding pair.

Momentum has its own reattempt schedule based on the the number of previous attempts and the retry_interval configuration parameter (see retry_interval for details). Issuing this command will cause Momentum to disregard its internally calculated time of next attempt for each message in the delayed queue and set it to "now."

If a remote domain ( has had delivery problems and has just come "back online," all messages to that domain on the binding BINDING1 could be immediately attempted by performing the following command:

10:47:35 /tmp/2025> binding flush domain BINDING1 flushed.  12521 messages requeued.

You may substitute all for the domain name to apply to all domains.

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