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Upcoming Changes to API HTTP Error Responses

Last updated February 2020

In an effort to standardize our API responses to provide a more consistent API experience, all current error responses will be updated on January 12 2019 in the following manner:

  1. The description field will no longer be returned in error responses, in favor of the message field.
  2. The message field will include the information previously returned in description, in the following format:
    • JSON parsing errors will be returned as:

      Request body parsing failed [Attached error message: %error%]

    • Exists errors will return the name of the existing resource:

      resource '%resourcename' already exists

    • Type errors will return the expected type:

      '%fieldName' must be a %expectedType%

    • Require field errors will return the field name:

      '%fieldName%' is required

  3. Inline content syntax, generation, substitution, and email_rfc822 validation errors will no longer cause synchronous 4XX errors. They will instead generate asynchronous events consumable via message events or webhooks. Check out this article for information on these asynchronous changes.

The HTTP status code and the extended code field in responses will not be changed.

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