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User Guide

Use this topic for User Interface and Application related questions


February 2021

Get notified about deliverability issues as they happen.

Getting Started with AMP for Email on SparkPost

January 2021

This support article covers the basic structure of AMPHTML emails and explains how to get started sending AMP for email on SparkPost.

Getting Started with our Automated IP Warmup Feature

February 2020

A guide to knowing when Automated IP Warmup is right for you and how to use it

Automatic Inline Seeding User Guide

November 2021

Overview of Automatic Inline Seeding product, configuration, setup, and use cases.

Consolidating/Migrating SparkPost Accounts

February 2020

Guidance for consolidating SparkPost accounts. It is important to also become familiar with the subaccounts feature before beginning consolidation.

Data Privacy

February 2021

Submit GDPR and CCPA data privacy requests.

Mailgun Migration Guide

February 2020

This Mailgun Migration Guide provides everything you need to know to migrate your email services from Mailgun to SparkPost.