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Analytics Report

November 2022

Analytics Report is a powerful and flexible tool designed to make it easy for you to visualize time-series trends in your data.

Coming Soon: Data Rollups

October 2020

Learn about how we've changed our data storage schema and what changes you may see

Engagement Recency

February 2021

Engagement Recency Cohort reports show you the breakdown of how recently the recipients you're sending to have engaged, and how the different cohorts are interacting with your emails.

Enterprise Metrics Definitions

February 2020

Metrics definitions for Enterprise accounts

Health Score

January 2021

Learn about the Health Score, it's components, and recommendations on how to improve your sending.

Events Search

January 2021

Events provides powerful searching for message event data based on recipients, campaigns, and more.

Metrics Definitions

February 2020

Definitions for the metrics available to SparkPost accounts.