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Tech Resources

A/B Testing in SparkPost

February 2020

A B Testing in Spark Post An A B test in summary is a common method of comparing templates to see which one performs better Spark Post provides the means to create new A B tests and view completed results through our A B Testing API What benefits do I...

SparkPost abuse@ and postmaster@ Verification and Google Apps

February 2020

If you’re using Google Apps to host your corporate email you won’t be able to create abuse or postmaster emails under your domain To get around this you need to create groups named abuse and postmaster Users that are members of these groups will receive emails sent to those addresses...

How do I use Android digital asset links with SparkPost Enterprise?

October 2020

Note This article is for Spark Post Enterprise only Table of Contents Use these quick links to jump to certain sections of this article Introduction What are the potential benefits to configuring Android digital asset links As a Spark Post Enterprise customer what steps do I need to take to...

Upcoming Changes to API HTTP Error Responses

February 2020

Details on upcoming error changes that will occur on January 12, 2019

How to Use Binding Groups

February 2020

Your SparkPost Enterprise environment was provisioned with your specific messaging needs and industry segmentation best practices in mind. Bindings enable routing of individual messages over a designated group of IP addresses.

Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP)

February 2020

SparkPost's Bring Your Own IP program provides senders of large volumes of email with the ability to quickly switch from their existing provider or on-premises solution without having to worry about warming up new IPs, managing reputation, or communicating changes to their end customers. The BYOIP service provides IP portability for large volume senders focused on deliverability, inboxing, and customer satisfaction.

Changes to SparkPost’s “Enrichment” period for open and click events

February 2020

Information on changes to enrichment period for all SparkPost users