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Getting Started

Welcome to SparkPost! Get familiar with our product and explore its features.

The Benefits of Setting up Role Domains (postmaster@ and abuse@)

February 2020

What are Role Based Domains Role based domains like admin help sales are email addresses that are not associated with a particular person but rather with a company department position or group of recipients Spark Post now provides the capability to verify your sending domains using abuse and postmaster role...

Create API Keys

May 2020

Before you can use the Spark Post REST APIs or SMTP injection you will need to have a valid Spark Post API key Below are the steps you will need to create a Spark Post API key IMPORTANT Make sure to copy and paste the API key when it...

Creating A Template

February 2021

Create a Template Once you understand how to send an email transmission you'll want to know how to create templates in Spark Post Currently there are two ways you can create templates in Spark Post Create templates in Spark Post using the app Create templates in Spark Post using the...

Getting Started with Engagement Tracking

February 2021

This guide outlines some of the different ways you can do engagement tracking with SparkPost

Getting Started with SparkPost

January 2021

This guide describes the steps you’ll need to follow to start sending mail using SparkPost.

How to get Help

August 2020

This guide will help you find the best resource for your inquiry and fastest resolution As a general rule first search in the latest API docs and knowledge base articles and then try the following Service Status Find out whether the service is up down sideways on vacation or going...

Previewing and Sending Test Emails

February 2020

In the Spark Post UI you can use the Preview mode of the template editor to render your HTML or text templates and send tests of your template There are some limitations on test sends you can only send up to five 5 people at a time DO NOT USE...