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Welcome Campaign

Last updated February 2020

A great way to build relationships with new subscribers is with a Welcome Campaign – a series of messages sent to brand new subscribers over the week following their initial sign up. Welcome emails tend to have higher open rates than other types of emails on average, and they are the first opportunity you have to send personalized emails. Here are some goals you may want to accomplish with your Welcome Campaign:

  • Say “thank you” for subscribing to your email list!
  • Set expectations for your email marketing: Show what types of content you’ll be sending and how frequently you tend to send.
  • Explain how subscribers can change their preferences for what content they receive or what frequency they receive emails at, and how they can unsubscribe.
  • Invite new subscribers to contact you with any questions or feedback: make sure that someone monitors the Reply-to email address.
  • Increase brand awareness by sharing links to your social media pages.

For more suggestions, continue with our Welcome Email Strategies post.

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