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Content Refresh

Last updated May 2020

Imagine this: At first, your marketing list was very engaged with your emails. However, as time went on, you noticed your open & click rates slowly falling, unsubscribes rising, and even a couple of complaints here and there. What happened?

Even the most relevant audience will get fatigued eventually. If you notice that your list has fallen from “engaged” to “semi-engaged”, then you may need to shake things up with your content to get your audience excited again. We call this a “content refresh.”

There are lots of ways to refresh your content, without changing it completely; You certainly don’t want to go too far the other way, and send completely unexpected content that your audience does not want!

Here are some ideas:

When you’re making these changes, be sure to A/B test (EU) methodically, to figure out the top-performing content for your list.

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