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Update on Pricing

Last updated March 2020

On July 15, 2019, we notified SparkPost customers on the old SparkPost “Free” plan of changes to our plans and pricing. On or before September 15, 2019, any customer on an old “Free” plan will need to select from one of our currently available plans to continue using SparkPost. You can continue using SparkPost for free on our "Test" plan, with limits of 500 emails/month and 100 emails/day.

Why did we change our pricing?

Over the last four years, we have delivered significant expansions to our product such as A/B testing, Recipient Validation, and our predictive email analytics platform Signals. And we’re shipping new features faster than ever. We believe that the new pricing is fair and in line with what is being offered in the market.

What are the differences between Starter and Premier plans?

The Starter plans are low-cost plans that make it easy for new or low-volume senders to get started. They include many of SparkPost’s great features, but some features are limited in order to keep costs low. The Premier plans are robust email packages for high-volume senders that include additional features to facilitate and manage sending large volumes of email. Feature breakdown of these plans can be found here.

If I cancel my plan and reactivate, can I go back to the old pricing?

No, if you would like to create a new account you will need to select from the currently available plans and pricing.

If I upgrade can I go back to my old plan?

No, old plans will no longer be available. You have the option to select any of the currently available paid plans or the current free “Test” plan with limits of 500 emails/month and 100 emails/day.

I’m on a SparkPost Free account, how does this affect me?

On or before September 15, 2019, you will need to login to your SparkPost account and select a currently available plan. If you have not taken action by this date you will be automatically moved to a “Test” plan which provides 500 messages per month. You have the option of upgrading your plan after September 15, 2019, but it is recommended that you take action before then to avoid any sending disruptions.

Will you be increasing prices for other SparkPost features and services?

Pricing and plan changes only apply to sending volume. Pricing of features or additional services such as Recipient Validation and Dedicated IPs are not affected by this change. However, please do note that these features are not available with all messaging plans. Feature breakdown of the different plan tiers can be found here.

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