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Common Billing Errors

Last updated January 2021

If you have found your way here you are probably experiencing a problem with either adding or updating your billing information to your SparkPost account and will have seen the following alert in the UI.

This means that your credit card issuer has declined payment, this can be for one or more reasons:

  • Insufficient funds
  • Any element of the Billing address is incorrect
  • The issuer views the transaction as fraudulent

It is critical that the Billing address matches what your issuer has on file, so worth checking a recent statement for how the issuer is referencing your address, some issuers automatically add the last 4 digits of a zip code.

Incorrect details can be submitted either by a simple typo or on occasion certain browsers can auto-insert phone numbers for ZIP codes as part of the auto-fill functionality. It is worth trying again and carefully checking each entry and resubmitting or alternatively trying a second card if you have one available.

If you continue to get an error, try checking with your credit card issuer, it is not something that SparkPost is able to fix on your behalf. Often times the issuer can remove the block which will allow you to successfully submit your information or provide advice on exactly what details you need to enter.

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