Daily and Monthly Quota Limits

Each SparkPost account has a daily and monthly quota based on the current plan level.  These represent the number of messages you can send within each time period and is provided for your protection.

You can view your current quota limits on the Account Usage page.

Daily Limits

The daily quota limits the number of messages that can be sent during a rolling 24 hour period.  For example, if you reached your daily limit at 3:05 pm yesterday, you will be able to send again after 3:05 pm today.

  • For free plans, the daily message limit will increase automatically from 5,000 to a maximum of 20,000 as you begin using our service and establish a good sending reputation.  If you need a higher daily limit, upgrade to a paid plan on the Billing page.

    • Note: Make sure you verify the email address used to create your account by clicking the link in the welcome email - this will ensure your account is eligible for the increase.

  • For paid plans, you can request an increase to your daily limit on the Account Usage page.

Monthly Limit Overages

If you are on a paid plan, you can exceed your monthly allowance and you will be charged for the additional usage at your overage CPM rate. Free plans are not permitted to go over their monthly limit.

What happens if I exceed a quota?

If you exceed your quota, whether Daily or Monthly, your messages will be rejected by SparkPost (not queued), so please ensure your account has the appropriate quota needed for your sending pattern, or consider splitting your send to accommodate the limits.

I have just upgraded and my daily limit hasn't changed!

We base daily limits on your account's sending performance history with SparkPost, while larger plans have the capability for larger daily limits, if you are a new customer you may not get an immediate raise. We need to see your sending performance before we can adjust limits.
Our recommendation is that you start sending within your limit for a few days and then put in a limit raise request via the UI.


I need a bigger daily limit

If you need to be sending more than 50,000 a day on average throughout a calendar month SparkPost requires that you have one or more dedicated IPs and also custom bounce and tracking domains set up. Please set these up before requesting a limit rise.

Note: You will need to warm up the IP to correctly establish your sending reputation please see the following knowledgebase article: IP Warm up Guide