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Configuring Inbound Mail Service Using ECStream

Last updated March 2020

The ECStream_Listener is the listener that enables you to inject message using ECStream. The ECStream protocol is a bare-bones, high performance injection mechanism. It does not support any extended properties. Momentum can listen on any number of Unix domain sockets and/or IP:port addresses for TCP/IP service.

ECStream_Listener Configuration

The ECStream_Listener is configured in the ecelerity.conf file and specifies the end-point(s) on which Momentum should listen for incoming ECStream connections. The following is an example configuration:

ECStream_Listener {
  Listen ":1825" {
    ECStream_Idle_Time = 300
    ECStream_Max_Batch_Size = 10000

In the example, ECStream_Idle_Time is the number of seconds of inactivity before a client is disconnected; while ECStream_Max_Batch_Size specifies the maximum number of ECStream messages to accept before dropping back into the scheduler. If users are having problems with the MTA becoming unresponsive when injecting messages via ECStream, it can be useful to set this to 1.


Use gateway when delivering mail via ecstream.

Not all listener options are valid within the ECStream_Listener or the Listen scope within an ECStream_Listener. For the valid options, refer to Configuration Options Summary .

Note that the ecstream_idle_time and ecstream_max_batch_size options are only valid within the ECStream scope or a listen scope within this scope. They are also the only options valid in the ECStream::Peer scope or ECStream_Listener::Listen::Peer scopes.

For general information regarding listeners, see “Listeners”.

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