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gateway — configure a static SMTP route for mail


Gateway = ""

Gateway = "[fe80::a00]:1"

Gateway = ""


This directive allows for what other MTAs call "smarthosting." If this option is specified at the global configuration level, all outbound connections will be made to the host name specified.


IPv6 addresses are much more flexible than IPv4 addresses in terms of their formatting options. They also use a different delimiter character than IPv4 addresses (a colon instead of a period). This means that in certain contexts, an IPv6 address can create parsing ambiguities.

The accepted convention is to require that, in circumstances where a configuration parameter can also contain something other than an IP address, that an IPv6 address must be enclosed in square brackets. In practical terms, this means that things like the Gateway, Routes and Listen options must have IPv6 addresses enclosed in brackets. Others, such as Peer, Relay_Hosts and Prohibited_Hosts do not require the IPv6 address in brackets.

If it is specified within a Domain stanza, Momentum will ignore the MXs for the domain and send mail to the gateway host name instead. Other configurations in the domain stanza for that domain will have no effects if a gateway is specified, as mails to that domain are actually sent to the gateway.

In many use cases, this option is supplanted by the Routes option. See routes for more information.


When delivering mail via ecstream, do not use the routes. Use the gateway instead.


gateway is valid in the binding, binding_group, domain and global scopes.

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