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Overlap Analysis

Last updated February 2023

Have you ever wondered who else is sending messages to your recipients? Whenever you send a message, you are competing for the recipient’s attention in their inbox. Overlap Analysis identifies those other senders.

While the “other senders” are often your brand’s direct competition, they don’t always have to be. The overlap data also helps to identify opportunities for potential collaboration and cross-promotions.

You should consider these senders when selecting Comparison Brands in the Brand Compare feature.

Keep in mind that this data only tells the story of the recipient’s inbox. While most retailers have some sort of rewards program for tracking purchases, etc., the Overlap Analysis will only show overlap in the recipient’s inbox. Unless a consumer is opting for email receipts instead of print receipts, or they are getting messages triggered by their tracked purchase history, the Overlap Analysis does not know what other brands the recipient interacts with in person.

Overlap Analysis Video:

The Overlap Analysis graph displays the sending domains with the highest overlap percentage as the selected sending domain. The size of the circle corresponds to the projected panel reach for each sending domain.

In addition to the graph, the information is available in a table format, which can be downloaded as either a PDF or a CSV file format. The table format includes the same information as the graph.

Note: the Overlap Analysis graph in the Sending Domain section of Competitive Tracker only displays the overlap within the same industry, whereas the main Overlap Analysis section considers the entire inbox, including all industries.

Feel free to contact your TAM or our Support Team with any further questions!

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