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How to Create a Brand Comparison

Last updated February 2023

Step 1 - Navigate to Brand Compare within Competitive Tracker.

Step 2 - Give your comparison a descriptive name and enter the brands you want to compare. The first brand entered will be the brand others are compared to for overlap analysis.

Step 3 - Select up to three other brands for the comparison, and then select "Using default domains" link for each brand to narrow the sending domains compared. This will ensure your comparison evaluates the same types of email traffic (commercial, transactional, etc).

Step 4 - Next, select a live comparison (7, 14, or 30 days) or a static comparison. Once you have selected a live time period or static dates you can select "Create Comparison".

Pro Tip: Static comparisons are limited to 95 days, but are great for seeing how your competitors performed during seasonal peaks (back to school, Black Friday, etc).

Step 5 - Once your comparison is complete, you can either download images of individual charts or schedule a PDF export by pressing the "Download" button in the top right corner.

Pro Tip:  You can schedule Live comparisons for export on daily, weekly or monthly frequency.  If you select to schedule an export you can have a PDF delivered right to you and/or your teammates inboxes.

Step 6 - Enjoy your Brand Comparison and feel free to create another one! Create additional comparisons by clicking "My Dashboards" in the lefthand navigation pane. From there you can add new comparisons or delete existing ones.

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