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The Multi-Channel Message Type (MCMT)

The Multi-Channel Message Type (MCMT)

A MCMT message is a multi-part MIME message. A required part of a MCMT message is an email attachment (Content-Type: message/rfc2822). There are other optional parts with content suitable for delivery over non-email channels such as SMPP and/or MM7. When an MCMT message is received, the core engine will only process the message/rfc2822 and, in fact removes all parts of the message that are are not message/rfc2822.

When the data payload is received, Momentum will recognize that a message is MCMT and adjust its internal representation. The MCMT_Reception option has three possible settings (see The MCMT_Reception option). The value of this option determines how a MCMT message is handled. The following flow chart shows the different options.

A description of the format of a MCMT message follows.

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