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A Multi-Channel Message Type (MCMT) message is a multi-part MIME message. A MCMT message has a required email attachment with the Content-Type: message/rfc2822 and optionally other parts with content suitable for delivery over non-email channels such as SMPP and MM7.

You can configure a Listener to accept the Multi-Channel Message Type using the MCMT_Reception option. This option defaults to passthru but can also be set to the values allow and reject. This option is valid in the Pathway, Pathway_Group, ESMTP_Listener, Peer, and Listen scopes. There is also a connection level validation context variable of the same name that, if set, overrides the value of the MCMT_Reception option. If this option is set to allow, then the MCMT content will be accepted. If it is set to reject, the message will be rejected. If it is set to passthru then the message will not be massaged and the MCMT message will be queued "as is" and delivered as though the system has no knowledge of MCMT messages.


Unlike the SMTP listener, there is no mcmt_reception option within the HTTP_Listener scope. This listener is always MCMT enabled .

Both SMS and MM7 typically incur a cost to send, so it is prudent to restrict MCMT_Reception = allow to a Listen or Peer stanza that enables it on a local or otherwise trusted system.

Since ECSTREAM is a trusted protocol, it is MCMT-enabled by default so does not have this configuration option.

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