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engagement_tracker – HTTP Engagement Tracking

Last updated March 2020

**Configuration Change. ** For version 4.1 and earlier, metadata is included in open tracking only. As of version 4.1-HF4, metadata can also be included in click tracking based on the click_tracking_include_metadata option.

The engagement_tracker module handles the creation of open-tracked and click-tracked links and the corresponding parsing of the links when an open or click event occurs. When open tracking is enabled, the engagement_tracker module constructs an open-tracked link from the transmission-level and recipient-level data. Likewise, when click tracking is enabled, it constructs a click-tracked link from the target link, link name, transmission-level data, and recipient-level data. When a recipient opens an email or clicks a link within the email, this module parses the tracked URLs for this data to be used by the various reporting options.


The msg_gen module requires the engagement_tracker module and will autoload it in the msg_gen.conf file that is created during installation. The following is the default configuration:

engagement_tracker {
  click_tracking_include_metadata = "true"
  max_metadata_len = 1000

The following are the configuration options defined by this module:


Determines if metadata is included in the click-tracked links for engagement tracking. By default, metadata is included, i.e.: "true". To disable metadata in the tracked links set the option to "false".

Whether metadata is included depends on the setting at the time Momentum sent the message, i.e.: If this option is set to include metadata in click tracking but later changed to disable metadata, messages sent while metadata was enabled will still include metadata when parsed.


The maximum amount of metadata bytes that will be encoded into click and open tracking URLs and provided in click and open events. Defaults to 1000 bytes.

**Configuration Change. ** This option is available as of Momentum 4.2.


Metadata can be included in click tracking for messages injected using SMTP and REST. The setting of the click_track_include_metadata and max_metadata_len options applies to both types of messages.

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