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msys.snmpTrap — Issue an SNMP trap



traptable: table


Issue an SNMP trap. traptable has the following permitted keys:

  • type specifies the type of the payload. Can be one of string, counter, gauge or IP.

  • payload if type is a string, payload must be a string. If type is a counter or gauge, then this must be a number. If type is an IP, then it must be a valid IPv4 address.

  • address the IPv4 destination address for the trap. If unspecified, the trap will be sent to all configured Trap_Destination stanzas in the config file.

  • port the target port number. If not specified, defaults to the SNMP standard port assigned by IANA.

  • community the community name. If not specified, this parameter defaults to public.

  • mib the OID identifying the trap.

  • trapvar.mib the OID identifying the trap variable. If not specified, is used (the OmniTI Enterprise MIB assignment). For more information, see MIB Files .

Because this function is in the msys namespace, an explicit require is not necessary.

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