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msys.idn.to_utf8 — Converts an IDN formatted string to unicode



name: string


**Configuration Change. ** This feature is available as beta in Momentum 4.2.

to_utf8() attempts to convert an IDN formatted string to unicode. If it is successful, it returns the result. If it fails, an error is returned.

local newMsg = msys.core.ec_message_new(nil)
local headers = {}
local parts = {}

parts['text/plain'] = "this is a sample message"
headers['from'] = [[From: “John Doe =?utf-8?Q?=28?=" <弗兰克>]]
newMsg:build(headers, parts, {})

local domains = newMsg:address_header("From", "domain");
local idn = msys.idn.to_idn(domains[1]);
local utf8 = msys.idn.to_utf8(idn);
print ("Original: " .. domains[1] .. " IDN: " .. idn .. " UTF8: " .. utf8);

This function wil help facilitate the translation of international characters to and from unicode in order to support internationalized domain names and international email.

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