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Last updated March 2020


msys.av.scan_part — Perform a virus scan on a specific message part using the named engine


msys.av.scan_part(msg_part, av_engine_name, validate_context);

msg_part: userdata, ec_message type
av_engine_name: string, optional
validate_context: userdata, validate_context type, optional


Use this function with AV engines that depend on the AV module, such as the clamav module.

This function performs a virus scan. The scan is done using the specified engine or, if no engine is specified, any installed engines that are supported by the AV module. if a virus is detected by an engine, the function will skip the remaining engines and return. For a list of these engines, see “antivirus – Antivirus”.

Enable this function with the statement require('msys.av');.

This function takes the following parameters:

  • msg_part– required message part (msys.core:_ec_message_part)

  • av_engine_name – optional engine name

  • validate_context – optional validation context

If the validate_context parameter is omitted, it will be inferred from the calling environment, if possible. If msg_part is nil, this function will raise an error.

This function returns four values:

  • The scan status , which is one of the following values:

    • msys.av.EC_AV_PART_IS_CONTAINER – A container was passed to msys.av.scan.

    • msys.av.EC_AV_NAME_TOO_LONG – av_engine_name is longer than 40 characters.

    • msys.av.EC_AV_NO_ENGINE – No AV engine is configured.

    • msys.av.EC_AV_NOT_SUITABLE_FOR_STREAMING – AV engine cannot scan the message that was passed in as a stream.

    • msys.av.EC_AV_ERROR – A runtime error occurred. For clamav-specific information, see “clamav Runtime Usage”.

    • msys.av.EC_AV_CLEAN – Meaning of this status depends on the AV engine.

    • msys.av.EC_AV_INFECTED – Meaning of this status depends on the AV engine. For engine-specific information, see “Context Variables” and “clamav Runtime Usage”.

    • msys.av.EC_AV_UNSCANNABLE – Message could not be scanned.

  • An informational string , which typically contains the virus name; the precise contents of this string depend on the engine.

  • The name of the AV engine that detected the virus or nil if no virus was detected.

  • The engine scan code or nil if no engine scan code is available. The scan code returned is specific to the engine reporting the error. For engine-specific information, see “Context Variables” and “clamav Runtime Usage”.


 local mod = {};

 function mod:validate_data(msg_part, accept, vctx)
   local rc
   local result
   local eng
   local s_code
   rc, result, eng, s_code = msys.av.scan_part(msg_part, "clamav", vctx);
   print ("rc: ", rc, map_to_symbol(rc), " result: ", result, " engine: ", eng, " scan code: ", s_code)
   if rc == msys.av.EC_AV_INFECTED then
     vctx:set_code(550, "The mail contains virus: " .. result)
     return msys.core.VALIDATE_DONE;
   return msys.core.VALIDATE_CONT;

 local function map_to_symbol(rc)
   if rc == msys.av.EC_AV_PART_IS_CONTAINER then
   elseif rc == msys.av.EC_AV_NAME_TOO_LONG then
     return "EC_AV_NAME_TOO_LONG"
   elseif rc == msys.av.EC_AV_NO_ENGINE then
     return "EC_AV_NO_ENGINE"
   elseif rc == msys.av.EC_AV_NOT_SUITABLE_FOR_STREAMING then
   elseif rc == msys.av.EC_AV_ERROR then
     return "EC_AV_ERROR"
   elseif rc == msys.av.EC_AV_CLEAN then
     return "EC_AV_CLEAN"
   elseif rc == msys.av.EC_AV_INFECTED then
     return "EC_AV_INFECTED"
   elseif rc == msys.av.EC_AV_UNSCANNABLE then
     return "EC_AV_UNSCANNABLE"
     return "UNKNOWN"

 msys.registerModule("test_av", mod);

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