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msg:discard — Silently discard a message



reason: string, optional


Silently discard a message. The message will appear to the sender to have been accepted and delivered; no error status or out-of-band delivery notification will occur, but the message will be logged as a rejection. Execution will continue after this function is called.


Do not call this function from validate_set_binding.

If no reason is supplied, the reason defaults to 550 5.7.0 discarded by policy. If you add your own reason, use the same format as the default message, indicating a bounce number first, for example, 550 Bounce message processed.


When a reason is passed to this function, it must begin with an SMTP code, for example, "550 My reason". If the reason isn't in this format, it is overwritten with the reason "550 5.7.1 [internal] discarded by policy".

Enable this function with the statement require('msys.extended.message');.

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