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msys.policyeditor.set_binding_group — Assign the message to a named binding group


msys.policyeditor.set_binding_group(ctx, vars, params);

ctx: table
vars: table
params: table

**Configuration Change. ** This function is deprecated. Use msg:binding_group(bndgp) to set a binding group. For more information see msg:binding_group.


Assigns the message to a named binding group. Randomly picks a binding from the named binding group and assigns the message to it. This function will not pick bindings that are unplumbed or that belong to a different node in the cluster; it will always pick a valid binding that belongs to the node.

The ctx parameter is the context containing objects from the callout, vars is a table containing script variables and params is a table containing parameters to be passed to this routine.

The defined parameter for params is:

  • binding_group the name of the binding group to assign to. If commas appear, it's a list of bindings, and we pick one at random.

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