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Besides the commands listed here, there are also module-specific console commands. Links to these commands are listed in “Module-Specific Console Commands”. You can also create custom commands as described at “Custom Console Commands”.


Preceding a command with xml will output the results in XML format.

Online Configuration Administration

Information Summary

Queue Size Reporting

Queue Administration per Domain

Queue Administration per Binding per Domain

Message Administration

Connections Reporting

Memory Usage Reporting

Log Information and Manipulation


Shutting Down

Custom Console Commands

In addition to the built-in console commands it is possible to create your own commands using the Lua function msys.registerControl. If, for example, you have domains that are heavily throttled and discard messages that are over the limit, you can create a console command to push emails for these domains into the delayed queue:


local function delay_domain(cc)
  local domain = cc.argv[1];
  local dr = msys.core.dns_get_domain(domain);

  if dr ~= nil then
    print ("Domain delayed as requested");
    msys.core.mail_queue_delay_domain(dr, "451 4.4.1 [internal] manually delayed domain");

msys.registerControl("delay_domain", delay_domain);

This code creates the ec_console command: delay_domain domain . For instructions on inplementing Lua scripts see “scriptlet – Module”.

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