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message details — show detailed message information


message details [ full | body ] { message_id }


While all messages are stored on disk in the spool and can be manually inspected there, Momentum also provides a mechanism to view message details from within the console.

Given a message id, you can request the metadata details on that message, the body of the message (including headers) or the metadata concatenated with the body (including headers).

To show just the metadata, issue the command with the message id as a single parameter.

10:47:35 /tmp/2025> message details 53/6B-18426-1AAEACF3
Message: 53/6B-18426-1AAEACF3
Message Type: full message
               Created: 2003-12-01 02:15:45
          Next Attempt: 2003-12-01 18:11:25
               Retries: 5
          Received Via: SMTP (IPv4)
                  Code: 451 No valid hosts (too many connection failures)
                  Size: 11317

If only the body is desired, then the command should take the form:

message details body 53/6B-18426-1AAEACF3

If both the metadata and the body are desired, the "full" option should be used:

message details full 53/6B-18426-1AAEACF3


message details cannot show details for a message that is in the process of being delivered.

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