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local_changes_only — whether there is a file for writing local configuration changes


Local_Changes_Only = true


The Local_Changes_Only option defaults to 'false'. If it is 'true', the Local_Changes_File option must be defined and all changes are saved to the Local_Changes_File. If it is 'false', changes are distributed as described below:

  • When replacing a value that has previously been set, if the file it was last set in is writable then the change is made in-place; the new option value replaces the old option value at the same location in the writable file.

  • If replacing a value that was last set in a read-only file or setting a value that was not set previously, then the change will go to the lexically first writable file in which the scope instance containing the change was defined.


Local_Changes_Only is valid in the global scope.

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