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local_changes_file — the file for writing local configuration changes


Local_Changes_File = "/opt/msys/ecelerity/etc/local_changes.conf"


The Local_Changes_File option sets the name of a configuration file which must be writable, and which is implicitly loaded after all other configuration files regardless of its placement in the ecelerity.conf file. Since it must be writable and files included twice are read-only, the Local_Changes_File option cannot point to the same file as any 'include' directive, and it cannot point to the main configuration file. Since the Local_Changes_File is effectively loaded at the end of the main configuration file, options set in it are able to override any setting in any other configuration file; if it were loaded at some other point, options set after that point could not be overridden by it.

If the Local_Changes_File option is not defined, and the main configuration file is writable, then changes are written to the main configuration file. If Local_Changes_File is not defined, and the main configuration file is read-only, then a virtual file, not associated with any real path is used to hold changes; in this case, the config writeback command will issue a warning stating that not all portions of the configuration could be saved, and show the contents of the virtual file. This situation can be remedied by setting the Local_Changes_File to a valid path and issuing the config writeback command again, at which point changes in the virtual file will be saved to the newly configured location. For more information about config writeback see config.


Local_Changes_File is valid in the global scope.

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