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This struct is defined as follows:

/* used pre-processor to expand union pdu_u so that APIScan doesn't need
 * further heavy lifting. If smpp_pdu.def changes (e.g. smpp command def
 * needs changes), the expanded union may need to be regenerated.*/
union pdu_u {
  #define TLV_INTEGER(name, octets) unsigned long name;
  #define TLV_NULTERMINATED(name, max_len) string *name;
  #define TLV_OCTETS(name, min_len, max_len) string *name;
  #define TLV_LIST(name, size) ec_ptr_array name;
  #define OPTIONAL_END
  #define INTEGER(name, octets) unsigned long name;
  #define NULTERMINATED(name, max_octets) string *name;
  #define NULDELIMITED(name, max_octets) string *name;
  #define OCTETS(name, field_giving_octets) string *name;
  #define PDU(name, id, fields) struct name { fields } name;
  #include "smpp_pdu.def"
typedef union pdu_u pdu_u;
union pdu_u {

typedef struct SMPP_PDU SMPP_PDU;
struct SMPP_PDU {
    unsigned long type;
    const char *type_name;
    pdu_u u;

To use this struct, include the file modules/mobility/smpp.c.

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