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smpp_append_encoded_integerEncode an integer into an octet string
smpp_async_fail_ec_messageFail an asynchronous SMPP message
smpp_config_fetch_using_connectionFetch the specified SMPP configuration option
smpp_data_coding_nameRetrieve the data coding name from the PDU
smpp_date_to_longConvert date string to time_t value
smpp_decode_integerDecode an octet string into integer
smpp_find_segmentation_breakReturn a pointer to the break between two message segments within the complete text string
smpp_fail_ec_messageFail an SMPP message
smpp_freeFree memory of the memtype_smpp type
smpp_get_deliver_mo_msgRetrieve the text message in received MO request
smpp_get_message_id_from_pduRetrieve the Message ID from the PDU
smpp_get_string_and_bufferCreate a string object using memory type of memtype_smpp
smpp_get_submit_status_from_pduRetrieve the status code from submit response PDU
smpp_get_vals_from_drExtract delivery receipt from the SMS text
smpp_free_string_and_bufferFree a string object created using smpp_get_string_and_buffer
smpp_mallocAllocate memory of memtype_smpp type
smpp_read_msg_text_blobRetrieve text blob context variable from an ec_message
smpp_read_seg_blobReturn the data for the current segment
smpp_reallocFree message (*mem), and realloc new memtype_smpp memory
smpp_strdupDuplicate a string
smpp_wrap_in_stringWrap a char string into a string object
smpp_wrap_in_string_with_lenWrap a char string into a string object
smpp_write_msg_text_blobWrite a text blob to an SMPP message
smpp_write_seg_blobChange or write the text content of the current segment

The APIs documented here relate to the SMPP module.

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