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The members of this struct are as follows:

struct _rfc2821_ctx {
  struct _rfc2821_ctx_inputs {
    unsigned full_validation:1;
    unsigned capture_params:1;
    unsigned normalize_domain:1;
    /* if non-zero, localpart is to hold the user and detail the detail
     * for an address like user+detail@domain */
    unsigned populate_detail:1;
    unsigned allow_missing_domain:1;
    unsigned _spare:27;
  } inputs;
  char localpart[MAXDOMAINNAME];
  char domain[MAXDOMAINNAME];
  char detail[MAXDOMAINNAME];
  int error;
  ECDict params;

typedef struct _rfc2821_ctx rfc2821_ctx;

To use this struct, include the file misc/rfc2821addr.h.

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