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The ec_hash_table struct has the following members:

typedef struct _ec_hash_bucket {
  const char *k;
  int klen;
  void *data;
  struct _ec_hash_bucket *next;
} ec_hash_bucket;

struct _ec_hash_table {
  u_int32_t sizeof_ec_hash_table;
  ec_hash_bucket **buckets;
  u_int32_t table_size;
  u_int32_t initval;
  u_int32_t num_used_buckets;
  u_int32_t size;
  unsigned dont_rebucket:1;
  unsigned track_version:1;
  unsigned _spare:30;
  ec_atomic_t ref;
  ECHashFreeFunc key_free, data_free;
  ec_atomic_t version;

To use this struct, include the file echash.h.


The hash table data structure is not thread safe; any simultaneous access needs to be coordinated by the API consumer.

An ECDict is an ec_hash_table.

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