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The members of this struct are as follows:

struct ec_datasource_cache_query {
  char *query;
  int query_len;
  const char *desired_charset;
  unsigned no_cache:1;
  unsigned no_fetch:1;

  int params_positional; /* if non-zero, holds the number of positional params */
  ecdata_value *positional_params;

  /* if params_positional == 0, then this holds a hash of name => ecdata_value */
  ec_hash_table *params;

  /* after initial processing by the cache layer, this is the serialized
   * representation of the query */
  char *key;
  int key_len;

  /* after a call to _cache_query(), this points at the result from the cache */
  struct ec_datasource_query_cache_entry *result;

  /* reference to the cache this query is/will be associated with */
  ec_data_source_query_cache *cache;

To use this struct, include the file modules/datasource/ecdatasource.h.


The ec_data_cache_query is a typedef of this struct.

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