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The members of this struct are as follows:

struct ec_data_source_query_cache {
  ec_cache_t *dbcache;
  u_int32_t cache_life;
  u_int32_t cache_size;
  int serialized; /* use cluster replication for the cache */
  int no_cache; /* don't use the cache, pass everything to backend */
  char *name;
  ec_ptr_array uris;
  ec_atomic_t last_uri;
  struct ec_datasource_driver_record *rec; /* private state */
  char *charset; /* charset to assume for data, if the driver doesn't specify */
  int32_t max_rows; /* maximum number of rows to fetch and cache */
  ECDict confdict;
  /* @since 3.0.15 */
  int jobclass;

To use this struct, include the file modules/datasource/ecdatasource.h.

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