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smpp_async_fail_ec_message — Fail an asynchronous SMPP message


#include "modules/mobility/smpp/smpp_esme.h"

| void **smpp_async_fail_ec_message** ( | m, |   | |   | force_async); |   |

ec_message * <var class="pdparam">m</var>; int <var class="pdparam">force_async</var>;


This function is like smpp_fail_ec_message, but you need to use ec_message_set_code to set the error and you must also set the delivered field to EM_FAILED or EM_FAILED_QUIET before calling it.



The message to fail.


This parameter must be set to 0 in contexts where failing the message is time-sensitive. For example, where we never want to attempt to send the message again because it was already rejected by the peer. In other cases and in bulk failure scenarios, it can be set to 1.

Return Values

This function returns void.


It is legal to call this function in any thread.

When an async job is created, it is possible to create a race condition if the caller thread and the async thread both accessing the same resource.

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