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build_eventCreate an event
build_event_from_now_fCreate a timed event
build_fd_eventCreate an event event relating to an open file descriptor
event_closeClose the specified event
event_freeFree an event
event_io_printfInitiate a formatted write to an event
event_io_readInitiate or continue a read operation for a fixed length
event_io_retryContinue a pending IO operation
event_io_state_cleanRelease resources held in an event_io_state structure
event_io_writeinitiate a write to an event
event_io_write_stringInitiate a write of the contents of a string to an event
event_post_dupDuplicate an event
event_readRead an event
float_eventFloat an event
get_event_by_fdRetrieve an event
get_fd_event_setRetrieve an event set
get_floating_event_setRetrieve a floating event set
clear_event_by_fdClear the event related to the file descriptor
clear_timed_eventClear the specified timed event
schedule_eventSchedule an event from any thread
schedule_event_and_dispatchSchedule an event from any thread, and optionally dispatch the callback
set_delayed_queue_eventSchedule a mail queue maintainer for this mail_queue
sp_async_failFail a message (deprecated)
sp_async_schedule_eventSchedule an asynchronous event from any thread, and optionally dispatch the callback
sp_make_swap_out_jobCreate and return a job that will manage swap out processing
sp_sync_closeClose the specified file descriptor, and optionally dispatch the callback

The event system in Momentum tracks both IO and time-based events using the event structure. For sample code and a detailed discussion of events see “The Event API”.

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