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build_event_from_now_f — Create a timed event


#include "event.h"

| (Event *) **build_event_from_now_f** ( | offset, |   | |   | fd, |   | |   | callback, |   | |   | closure); |   |

float <var class="pdparam">offset</var>; int <var class="pdparam">fd</var>; Eventfunc <var class="pdparam">callback</var>; void <var class="pdparam">closure</var>;


Create a timed event. It's a common requirement to need to schedule some work to occur either at a particular time, or at a certain time interval from the current time. The event system in Momentum tracks both IO and time-based events.

You can create a timed event using build_event_from_now_f which specifies a time interval from the current time plus the specified offset.

Once you have created an event, you will need to schedule the event for it to be picked up by the scheduler. Use schedule_event for this purpose.

The callback and closure parameters define what will happen when the event is due to run; the callback function will be invoked and passes an eventype (set to E_TIMEOUT) to the event, the closure that you used to create the timed event and a timeval representing the current time.

The timed event callback function is called from the scheduler thread; you should avoid blocking or lengthy operations.


You must return 0 from your timed event callback routine.

If you are using a timed event to implement, for example, a timeout for network IO, you will need to cancel the timer when the socket is closed, and reset it when your IO operation completes. You cancel timed events using the clear_timed_event function, which will implicitly free the event if it is found in the system. Otherwise it will return 0 and the caller is responsible for freeing the event.

#include "ec_config.h"
#include "event.h"
#include "scheduler.h"

static int my_func(Event *event, int eventtype, void *closure,
  struct timeval *now)
  log1_printf(DDEBUG, "my_func was triggered, closure is %s\n",
  return 0;


  Event *t = build_event_from_now_f(30, -1, my_func, "hello");



When to build the event.


This value is always -1.


The callback function.


The closure used to create the Event.

Return Values

This function returns an Event.



The build_event functions can only be called from the Scheduler thread.

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