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Data Source Types

Last updated February 2023


Our consumer panel is powered by a free email app, called Boxbe. Boxbe is an email concierge app that allows consumers to better manage and control which messages make it to their inbox. Because the panelists are real users, our consumer panel is more accurate across all of the major ISPs. We are able to report upon deliverability, which takes into account the sender's IP reputation, domain reputation, authentication results, infrastructure configuration, and most importantly user engagement.

Note: A campaign must be received by at least four panelists, or a virtual character, to establish a sufficient sample size and populate data in Competitive Tracker.

Virtual Characters

Virtual Characters are used to opt-in to mailing lists of the sending domains we track in the platform. Our platform can then capture full header information of any campaign received by our virtual characters, even without sufficient panelist data. Our platform also clicks through all of the links received by virtual characters to determine affiliate marketing and detect possible brand acquisition. Campaigns received by virtual characters populate the Top Sending Partner sections under Brand and Company Tracker.

Note: Virtual Characters are not included as part of our metrics such as Read or Inbox rate since they are essentially our own seed accounts.

IntelliSeeds(Inbox Tracker only)

The IntelliSeed™ List allows clients to deploy virtual users from the IntelliX AI Network™ directly into their email lists. IntelliSeeds™ interact with emails using real behavior attributes, based on engagement profiles from our consumer panel. IntelliSeeds™ provide senders with a more realistic view of inbox performance since mailbox providers consider engagement when making inbox placement decisions. This provides more valuable data-points for senders to monitor mailings, craft their communications strategy, and drive decision-making.

Note: IntelliSeed™ results are not considered in engagement metrics.

Please contact your TAM or if you're interested in learning about Public IntelliSeeds™ options, which can be used across all platform products.

Traditional Seed List (Inbox Tracker only)

A traditional seed list is an additional set of well-known, static email addresses used exclusively for testing email delivery and inbox placement. The traditional seed list should be added to your email send regardless of whether they match your target recipient list. The platform will automatically disable the processing of any new seed tests once your account reaches your contract's seed limits.

Note: A seed address will never engage with an email message, which makes it look like your most unengaged recipients to the ISPs.

Feel free to contact your TAM or our Support Team with any further questions!

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