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API Starter Guide

Last updated February 2023

Want to pull Inbox Tracker data into your own reporting? Obtain an API key and follow the steps below to get started!

In this article, we'll cover:

Requesting an API Key

API keys are typically included in most Inbox Tracker subscriptions. You can request a key through either your Customer Success Manager, Product Support Specialist, or through support channels (via Intercom chat or by mailing

Once you send a request, we'll quickly check your contract to make sure we can provide a key. From there, an encrypted email will be sent containing the key.

Accessing API Endpoints

Our Inbox Tracker API provides you with access to all of the data point used to generate our Inbox Tracker views. Here are common and popular endpoints and how to access them:

The Inbox API Doc breaks down each endpoint and provides a short description along with example output. You can even test the endpoints to retrieve examples prior to starting your integration efforts.

  • Inbox Campaign API endpoints focus on results from a domain and IP perspective allowing you to retrieve all of the data you need to see how each campaign performs.

  • Inbox Intelliseed and Seed endpoints let you automatically retrieve our latest seed lists for integration into your system.

Our Spam Trap API Doc allows consumers to retrieve five trap types from five sources for the following data points:

  • Hits by Domain

  • Hits by IP

  • Domain Campaign Hit (Rollup + Details)

  • IP Campaign Hit (Rollup + Details)

API Questions and Support

API-related questions can be answered by our support team through in-app chat or by emailing

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