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Help! My Searches Have Little-to-no Data

Last updated February 2023

Did you know that all the brands and domains in Competitive Tracker are manually organized by our research team?

Research builds the structure and correlation between all the sending domains, brands and companies in Competitive Tracker. New and existing data is constantly being added and updated.

If your searches are coming back with no data, there may be a few reasons for this:

  • We are not tracking the domain or brand. Since all our brands are essentially "touched by human hands", we may not be aware that a certain brand or domain exists to be tracked.

  • We do not have enough panel coverage. In order for us to populate a campaign in the platform, we need to have detected at least four panelists OR have one seed address opted into the mailing. Low panel coverage often occurs for:

    • Small, targeted sends

    • B2B senders

    • European senders (since our panel coverage to Europe is small)

Regardless of the reasoning, if your searches are coming back with no data, you can request tracking for a domain via our Support Request. From there, they can diagnose if a brand or domain is simply not being tracked, or whether seeds need to be added to a brand's mailing list to bring back data.

You can also contact research for corrections and suggestions on making our data more accurate. For example, if you believe a brand should be categorized under a different industry, or has a different headquarters address than what we show, please let us know.

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