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Company Tracker

Last updated February 2023

Note: Company Tracker displays very similar, though different, data as Brand Tracker.

A brand is the image and “personality” a company applies to its products. It is sometimes used to narrow down the different products and services within a company. It’s also possible that the brand and company could overlap.

For example, The Procter & Gamble Co. is one company with its own brand, but it also encompasses dozens of other brands such as Tide Detergent and Pepto Bismol.

Similarly, MessageSystems, Inc is one company, but it includes brands such as eDataSource, Boxbe, and SparkPost.

Brand and Company Tracker Video

Headquarters - Displays the physical address of the company headquarters

ESPs - Displays the Email Service Providers (ESPs) the company’s domains are sending from

Consider that not all of the brands within one company might be using the same ESP for sending. Therefore, the company will most likely show more ESPs than an individual brand within the same company.

Email Volume by Brand - Displays the volume of the top five brands from the previous week

Engagement Stats by Brand - Displays the read rate of the top five volume brands from the previous week

Competitors - Displays the domains and companies of the top competitors within the industry

Average Campaigns per Week - Displays the average number of campaigns per week from the previous four weeks

Most Active Day - Displays the most active day of the week from the previous four weeks

Top Volume Brands - Displays the top volume brands, sorted by the average volume of recipients per day from the previous four weeks

Top Performing Brands - Displays the top-performing brands, sorted by their performance score from the previous four weeks

The top performers is a proprietary performance score based upon the sender’s volume, inbox placement, and engagement metrics.

Top Sending Partners - Displays the number of campaigns from the last four weeks that have driven traffic to the domains associated with this company’s brands

If you click on the number of campaigns, you will be directed to an Advanced Search which will list all of the campaigns with links to this brand’s domains. This data is calculated based on campaigns received by our research team’s Virtual Characters.

Latest Campaigns - Displays the campaigns received by our Competitive Tracker data sources in the last 30 days, and is available in both List Mode and Visual Mode:

List Mode displays the campaign’s Latest Sent date, Subject line, Volume, Inbox Placement, Spam Rate, Read Rate, Read+Deleted Rate, and Deleted Rate. When available, it also displays the campaign’s Target Country, as well as links to the campaign’s Creative, Raw HTML Headers, and Journey Mapping

Visual Mode displays the same information but highlights the creatives for each campaign.

We redact all identifying features of an email to protect our panelists’ privacy. For example, the person’s name, shipping address, products ordered, etc. will either be replaced with “[REDACTED]” in List Mode or blurred out in Visual Mode.

Feel free to contact your TAM or our Support Team with any further questions!

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