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SMPP PDU Operation Definitions

The following SMPP PDU Operation Definitions are taken from the SMPP 3.4 specification.

  • bind_*_resp – Where ‘*’ is replaced by receiver, transmitter or transciever depending upon circumstances. The SMPP bind_*_resp PDU is used to reply to a bind request of the specified type.

  • deliver_sm – The deliver_sm is issued by the SMSC to send a message to an ESME. Using this command, the SMSC may route a short message to the ESME for delivery.

  • enquire_link – This message can be sent by either the ESME or SMSC and is used to provide a confidence check of the communication path between an ESME and an SMSC.

  • submit_sm – This operation is used by an ESME to submit a short message to the SMSC for onward transmission to a specified short message entity (SME).

  • unbind_resp – The SMPP unbind_resp PDU is used to reply to an unbind request. It comprises the SMPP message header only.

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